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Vote for me!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 7, 2010, 9:18 PM

Calling all fans :)

I'd ask that you vote for me in Naomi Campbell's Glamour contest-
further info here:…

To vote-
to:  21001

Note- 99¢ will be charged per text message to your phone bill in addition to any regular carrier fees. Their may be a short delay before you receive a confirmation, so please be patient.

  • Listening to: Muse
  • Reading: Mystery Novel
  • Watching: Anime!!!!
  • Playing: Dragon Age
  • Eating: Healthy Stuff
  • Drinking: Diet Coke & water
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blackdidthis Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010
Arguably of the most horrible people to have occupied the walkway...
A seriously ignorant person that has forgotten where she has come from and treats helpers like crap. To my personal view she's unattractive from both inside and out.

But if it means so much to you; I don't mind a simple sms that may get you closer to your goal.
I wish you to close at least within the 100... and hopefully even higher on the list.

Ps: international users need to dial +49 177 178 1208 in stead
IllustratedEye Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010  Professional Photographer
that sucks :( i don't know much about naomi campbell in way of personality. I only remember growing up and seeing her photos in one of my fav mags Vogue. I just saw this as a chance at something, thanks!
blackdidthis Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010
I sent the message a dear few hours ago... And they have instantly replied their approval.
So the international number works just as good it seems.

My apologies for my rude words that may have come to you differently, and I am glad you have not taken them insulting; honestly they were not intended such. I may have been unfortunate a variety of times to a day she either had her moments or what not... but I lack positive experiences.
That said, you shan't need to explain yourself. I can understand the benefits. My best wishes for you to get your hearts desire dearest.

IllustratedEye Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010  Professional Photographer
you didn't come accross rude at all. and thank you so much for your support in all ways.
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April 7, 2010